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My new novel, Death Sentence, is available to buy HERE

An encounter on the Trans-Siberian railway draws out the story of a series of gruesome killings in a city of murderers, and of the monstrous horror that stalks a Soviet penal colony on the frozen shores of Lake Baikal.  

'Hell is a beast with other beasts inside it.'  

My first novel, Prospero's Mirror, is available to buy HERE

But be warned: "what is read cannot be unread..."

The great supernatural writer M R James visits Oxford to solve an ancient mystery.  But he is soon plagued by nightmares of the First World War, visions of the war to come, and the dreadful consequences of his own guilty secret. 

"They live in two places, I suppose: in fever dreams and mirrors...  What is it?  This unutterable thing.  An abomination!"


Necromancy, witchcraft and gruesome goings on among the dreaming spires.  This historically based, well researched and beautifully written blood chiller will have you looking over your shoulder for nameless horrors.  Beware of the  ending, particularly if you suffer from bad dreams."          Stella Rimington

My first travel book, France and the French, is available to buy HERE

‘I find the French are a disgusting race.’

The First installment of my 'Travels at the End of History' is so disgraceful that it had to be published under the pseudonym 'Patrick Byron' A.K.A. 'The Reluctant Traveller'.  It is part action-packed exploration of the most depraved nation on Earth, part serious examination of a question that has dogged Englishmen since they first ‘discovered’ it 300 years ago: what is the hell wrong with France?

‘I buried my face in it, tongue out, with a fascinated moan.’

"Brilliantly funny and insightful."     Holly Kinsella, best-selling author of 'Uptown Girl'

About me:  I studied Philosophy and Economics at New College, Oxford, before working as a barrister in Lincoln's Inn and the City of London.  I have travelled widely across around 70 countries.  On this site you can find a selection of my writing, including my antiquarian horror novels Prospero's Mirror and Death Sentence, my travel writing, my 'parallel lives' mini-biographies project with Thomas Munby, my articlesand my reviews.